The Journey of Passion.

Hi All, This is my first ever blog, started with this idea since its provoking lot of young ideas and creating awareness about and among the industry professionals.

Let me start with my own, after pursuing my graduate and management schools it was always a dream to have my own, something which I can do without any hesitation or limitations, create our own world, but on the other side had an pressure for doing job and earn for the family .So decided to work, however that dream never let me sleep for 11 years.

So after working after 11 years in healthcare sector one day decided to start my own company but was stuck up in what to do, how to raise funds, what about office space, employees, etc and much more. After storming for almost one month finally decided to go for my PASSION. Having my own company which renders my own hobby of travelling all around, listening music and admiring beauty. Which equals to creativity and innovation, in professional terms my own EVENT Company; the dream come true after 11 years.

Well when everyone speaks of event as meeting client’s expectations, I determined as working beyond clients expectations means keeping them happy, so named it as HAPPY MINDS.

That’s all for now, will definitely share the insights shortly. Thanks.