Evolution of Events.

Well, It’s very hard to know the evolution of events, however it’s well-known during ancient time’s event was an episode of Kings & Empire to celebrate the victory, festivals, crown in ceremony and entertainment activities in the palace. In Latin words “event” was subsequently used to figure out any past things or issues may be accident or occasion.

In those times event was mainly promoted for peace and friendship among the tribes, subsequently as socializing become an integral part of human life, events were planned for gatherings, celebrations, festivals and entertainment.

The first ever event took place on Nile river planned and managed by Cleopatra to host the meeting in pursuit of lovers.

Ever then with the growth of Industrialization event came up with strong backbone for marketing and growth of the company. Companies started organizing meetings, conferences, shows, etc. to mark up the competition. And thus was the evolution of professional events whose primary role was to plan, manage and co-ordinate the events with less communication and technology; i.e. limited resources.

Over the past decades when events become an integral part of company’s domain and expanded its functioning and so called as MICE means: Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Entertainment. This subsequently resulted into a profession and separate industry for Events.

Now we have very professional event organizers with high tech services and in depth knowledge of managing the events.

Happy Minds Corporate Llp, Pune based event Management Company established in 2011 having presence PAN India plan events for corporate and wedding. Our presence is strongly backed with our expertise, highly configured technology in audio visuals, lights, trade and exhibitions, production and entertainment, etc. and above all the dynamic and experienced team to cater each and every aspect of the event. One of our thrust is offering options and making them customize.

Our past work has founded our success by organizing events in corporates, wedding, trade and exhibition, sports, shows, films, festivals and entertainment.

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